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Gray Treefrog by SlythsPwnYou Gray Treefrog :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 1 0 Province Lake by SlythsPwnYou Province Lake :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 2 Garter Snake by SlythsPwnYou Garter Snake :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0 Watching by SlythsPwnYou Watching :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 2 5 Scylla - Common Garter Snake by SlythsPwnYou Scylla - Common Garter Snake :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 2 0
Touch of Oblivion
How could you recall the memories?
How could you look upon the end?
With steady hands and dry eyes?
Will there be an end?
Within clouded minds this question begs
Forgiveness for the sins wrought by vicarious thought...
I can't say, All I know is I love you,
Though my whispers shatter on my lips...
Even if the end does come,
I will never forget what you've given me.
Even when the light fades out,
When the moon falls away and
I fall into oblivion.
:iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0
A Disquieting Trap
I fall and plead, scream and claw for a way out.
There's nothing! There's nothing in this emptiness...
Save me! Release me from these demons I hide!
Do my screams truly fall upon deaf ears and hopeless hearts?
Or are they bound as I to the nightmares of their own creation?
Trapped by a mind so sick, so twisted I can't help but be caught.
A rip in time, a minute for escape; theses shreds of hope dance along my sight,
I'll never reach them in time; they'll fade just as I.
What have I amounted to, what have I accomplished?
Nothing, I have nothing to my name...
No great deed that I can look upon and shine with pride
A disgrace to all who have shown me kindness and taught me their ways.
Only half-hearted attempts and complete failure line my path...
A simple moment blinds me to the truth of who I truly am,
My little guilty pleasure I indulge in and lose what I've become.
Though the clock still ticks and time moves on without compassion.
Many have said that there is much I have left undone
:iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0
Dark Fire
When I become blind and weakened by the darkest fires of the night,
The one piece of sanity I see is the strength, your heart;
The hope you have imbued within the hollows of my soul.
Though my heart flies through the shadows of mortality,
I am immortal in the moments when I am captured in your eyes.
With the twisted melodies my heart and mind craft;
The psychotic twists of disturbed nerve and pulsing vein,
The only song that rings clear in these deafening screams,
Is one that taught me to seize the day, that life can be beautiful;
All you need is to stop and look to the stars.
At times the hope and strength may seem to waver,
Dancing along the embers of taunting dark fire.
It dangles and singes in reckless abandon,
And we both feel lost within the smoke of our delusions.
Then, the blood-stained moon rises above and lights our path,
Revealing our past, reminding us of what we've overcome.
In this tainted light, we stand tall, daring the dark fire to burn brighter;
Challenging it to lure
:iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 1
The Silver and Gold
Silver gates maligned with loathing,
Golden arrogance elevated on high.
Furies unknown behind the amber.
Boiling, festering fresh and rank.
The wind flies through stark jet hair.
Rotten intentions seeping from veins.
Eyes ablaze with death and suicide.
Heartless beasts with decrepit souls,
Fueled with self-illustrated fear and torture.
Useless struggles against those deemed lesser
As they decay in their fetid shells.
They delude themselves with illusions of divinity.
No immortals; cast in flesh and bone.
Wit and gait as weak was their shallow defense.
Clinging to the shelter of the other’s cold eyes.
Only hollow embrace shackles their sanity down.
:iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0
I Love Oscars - Stamp by SlythsPwnYou I Love Oscars - Stamp :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 2 0
A New Dusk - Prologue
      "Are you there? Are you listening?
      You can see me! Oh righteous day! Thank the heavens...
      It's been... a long time since I've seen another human being. These things... all around me! They hound at me, t-tear at me! But you see them, don't you? You can hear the screams too, r-right? Please help me... oh god help us all! They're coming! I can... smell them! You... can too, yes?
      I'm not i-insane! I'm not! L-listen! There isn't much time... they know where I am!
      They will peel your flesh from your bones and revel in your blood! They love it! They... crave it!
      But you won't give it to them! N-no! You mustn't! By vengeful blade you must slay them, kill them, gouge their hideous eyes from their skulls!
:iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0
'Whoa...' by SlythsPwnYou 'Whoa...' :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0 Okenuth and Spitfire by SlythsPwnYou Okenuth and Spitfire :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 0 0 Royalty by SlythsPwnYou Royalty :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 3 2 Devidan's Oscars by SlythsPwnYou Devidan's Oscars :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 1 0 Follow the Leader by SlythsPwnYou Follow the Leader :iconslythspwnyou:SlythsPwnYou 1 0

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